Help Save Lives in Yemen

Yemen is facing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Conflict has displaced millions of people, and precipitated one of the worst cholera epidemics in recorded history. About 80 percent of Yemen’s population of 30 million are depending on humanitarian assistance for survival right now. At a time when COVID-19 is spreading across Yemen, the war and financial crisis have already closed about half of the health facilities in the country. Two-thirds of the population are hungry, and nearly 1.5 million families currently rely on food aid to survive.

Oxfam is providing clean water and hygiene items to help people avoid cholera and COVID-19, cash to help them buy food, and support for earning a living through agriculture and small businesses. Oxfam is also advocating for all sides of the conflict to end the war. We are urgently seeking funds to assist the millions of people caught in the middle of this devastating conflict.

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