Save Lives in Emergencies

As people face emergencies around the globe – when an earthquake hits, when a tsunami strikes, when a hurricane destroys – Oxfam and the local organizations we partner with on the ground need to be ready to respond. Lives depend on it.

Your gift to Oxfam's Saving Lives 24/7 Fund will go directly toward our emergency work, present and future.

With your help, we can:

  • Locate the communities hit hardest and launch relief operations immediately.
  • Reach survivors and help provide the tools they need, like food, cash, and access to clean water and safe sanitation – even when disasters don't grab headlines and inspire an outpouring of donations.
  • Between disasters, help local people become expert first responders, and support their work to strengthen national emergency preparedness.

Add your support now so that when crises erupt, Oxfam is ready to spring into action. Make your tax-deductible gift to the Saving Lives 24/7 Fund today.

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